Trace Heating

The conventional way of ensuring that hot water is available immediately the tap is turned on, is to continuously pump the hot water around the distribution system, re-heating the water as it passes through the hot water boiler. By calculating the expected heat loss in the hot water supply pipe and fitting a trace heating cable of a matched power, the need for re-circulation is eliminated along with unnecessary heat loss.

Sub zero temperatures can cause serious problems to pipeline systems. Industrial process lines or pipelines start to clog, impeding the free flow of liquids resulting in expensive loss of production. Water pipes freeze and then burst causing flooding and damage during the thaw out period. Thermal insulation will delay but not eliminate the freezing process. Trace Heating is an economic and long-term solution for any pipe that is likely to freeze.

The term “trace heating” describes the application of heat to the surfaces of pipelines, tanks, vessels and similar items, whether continuously or intermittently, to raise and/or regulate temperature around and inside those items.

Electrical trace heating will:

  • Protect your operations from frost damage 
  • Raise the temperature of your product storage and flows where required
  • Maintain temperature of products within pipelines, tanks, vessels etc during manufacture 
  • Generally ensure that all vital product flows are kept moving and/or
  • Stored at the required temperature
  • Keeps water above 55 Celsius reducing risk of diseases e.g. Legionaries

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