Thermal Insulation

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The need for good thermal insulation has grown in importance in recent years due to the focus on global warming. However, many industrial, commercial and domestic properties still remain poorly insulated.
Insulation provides huge benefits both in terms of saving money and for various safety measures: areas where people could be exposed to hot valves and pipes are obviously hazardous and the energy loss from an average un-insulated valve is the same as that of one metre of un-insulated pipe.

Pipework & Vessel Insulation

Our thermal pipework insulation is capable of working with any diameter pipework and vessel you may have. The Insulation will need to work with temperatures between -20 to 600 degrees centigrade, to meet this we work with different materials depending on the parameters provided by our clients.

Material finishes for pipework can vary depending on the application, the typical finishes that we use for this type of thermal insulation to pipework and vessels depending on the prevention of mechanical damage are detailed on the list below.

  • Aluzinc
  • Bright Class ‘O’Foil
  • Colour Coated Steel
  • Galvanised Steel
  • Isogenopak
  • PIB Sheeting
  • Plain Steel
  • Stainless Steel – various grades
  • Plain Aluminium
  • Ventureclad Stucco Aluminium

Ductwork Insulation

Our thermal ductwork insulation is able to work with any diameter ductwork you may have. Ranging from 100mm to 3 metre diameter and any rectangular ductwork size. This Insulation will need to work in temperatures between -20 to 300 degrees centigrade, to achieve this we work with different materials depending on the parameters previously mentioned.

These materials can be protected with many different finishes and below are a sample of finishes we apply and fabricate in our workshop:

  • Aluzinc
  • Bright Class ‘O’Foil
  • Plastic Coated Steel – in various colours
  • Galvanised Steel
  • Isogenopak
  • Stainless Steel 304 BA and 3042B
  • Stucco Aluminium
  • Venture Cladding
  • Plain Aluminium

Insulation Jacket

We only manufacture our thermal insulation jackets in our workshop, using the recommended products that match to the British standards, we generate these under ISO 9002 ensuring quality control and traceability of materials throughout the manufacturing procedure. We will advise where the jackets are required and where an alternative product may produce better results based on your energy saving selection criteria.

Sheet Metal Working

We have been manufacturing our own sheet metal components for the past 20 years. These components are manufactured at our own workshop where we can produce all types of fabrications such as thermal insulation cladding for ductwork, vessels, pipework, valve boxes and flange boxes. All our ventilation ductwork components are fabricated to suit the requirement of all our contracts. All of our workmanship is of the highest standard, and we have thorough quality control procedures in place.

The management of the company has up to 30 years experience in all aspects of the trade and is supported by a fully skilled workforce for the appliance of the insulation. We have our own fabrication workshop and estimating departments.

We offer a very efficient incorporated service ,which covers a huge range of developments. We also offer an estimating service including the schedule of rates and specification for our projects.  We undertake all types of insulation work including ventilation, pipe work and vessels. We will cover the whole of the UK, what ever the scale, intricacy or industry sector.

We would be pleased to talk about your needs so do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiry, no job is too big or small.